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In today’s complex business environment, success cannot be achieved but through teams and teamwork. From our work with many different organisations over the years, we have recognised themes that occur in every organisatiom, regardless of industry, size and location.Based on our experience with – and understanding of – these themes, we have designed a series of workshops that allow you and your team easy access.

These workshops can be run out of the box as well as tailored to your needs, as part of a team building event or stand alone.



This is a one day, high intensity workshop that helps your team generate tens to hundreds of ideas how to solve a particular problem, to select the most promising ideas and to set the first steps in detailing the solution. The design of the workshop is such that it generates a high degree of participation and commitment to the outcome.


A high-performing team is all about relationships that consistently produce breakthrough results. In this workshop we help team members to understand their behaviors, what drives their behaviors and how to interact effectively with others with similar of different styles. This workshop includes the DISC assessment.


The performance of a team is determined by how interaction occurs and by how well the team talks together. In this workshop we help the team understand how to set up and to conduct an effective meeting, how well they currently run their meetings and where and how they can improve, both individually and as a team.