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Aligning People, Strategy and Culture


To help you realise lasting, long-term success, we put people at the heart of change.

We do not only address what may be the more obvious changes that are needed (structural, strategic direction, stakeholder requirements, etc) but also the hidden aspects of organizational culture and individual behavior, and how to utilise or change these for effective, sustainable, long term results.

By applying behavioural science, knowledge and practice we facilitate transformation within an organisation and by involving members of the organisation in understanding the challenge whilst enabling in them new skills, knowledge and ways of thinking we improve organisational effectiveness.



The Self  Managed Leadership program provides a powerful framework for effectively aligning people and culture with purpose and strategy and addresses the ‘inside out’ dimensions of leadership. A 10-step model helps participants identify their purpose, values and vision in order to define the focus and character which defines their leadership. A 90-day action plan for each participant will be developed focusing on the few things which have the largest impact, for both personal and professional development.

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Leaders today must be able to form and lead teams that can achieve or exceed organisational objectives in a complex and rapidly changing business environment. They must understand what enables inspired team performance and be able to apply that knowledge to ever-changing business conditions. The Leading High Performing Teams program is uniquely designed to address these needs and provides a powerful framework for aligning people and culture with strategy in the team context.

 Please contact us for more information at the program.